How to Check Your Car Before Hitting the Road 

It is very necessary to check different things in your car before going on a long drive to ensure not only your safety but your family’s lives as well.

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Planning on a family vacation, a road trip with friends or just a long stroll on an island? Before you enjoy the best sceneries on the road, you have to check your car first to insure if it’s on the best condition for a smooth ride. This will not only help you avoid any breakdowns or mechanical problems but it could spell you or your family members’ lives. After doing so, you will be hassle-free on the road, you could roll down your windows and enjoy the music as you drive past the amazing scenarios on you place!


  1. Check all the fluids of your car. 

There are a number of fluids found within a car: there’s the oil, the brake fluid, coolant as well as the windscreen wash levels. If you check all of these before hitting the road, you can avoid any unwanted accidents or breakdowns. You have to check your owner’s manual to locate these fluids’ reservoirs.

  1. Do an air pressure check.

 To check your air pressure, you have to check your owner’s manual or sometimes printed on a sticker located on the body where the driver’s door shuts. The pressure that could be read on the right side of the tire is the max which shouldn’t exceed. Moreover, you also have to check the pressure of your spare tire. You’ll never know when to use them.

  1. Check if all lights and signals function well on your car.

 When doing so, you have to have another person to help you with it. You have to just sit down on the car, turn on each light or signal and let that other person see from the outside whether or not the signals and lights are working. You have to replace any bulbs that aren’t functional and as much as possible, carry on any spare bulbs when you hit the road. Some of the latest models of cars make it almost impossible to change the bulbs so make sure that everything is checked before proceeding to the trip.

  1. Make sure that all your emergency equipment are inside your car and that everything works. 

These equipment includes: a map which is up-to-date, mobile phone, a spare tire and other emergency tools such as screwdrivers, pliers and flashlight. Medical kits and fire extinguishers are also helpful tools to add to the list of emergency equipment. These tools will not only help you when your car accidentally breaks down, but it will also spell out your survival whenever you are stuck in an isolated area.

  1. Know your towing service provide.

 You’ll never know when you need to tow your car. Sometimes, accidents especially on the road are inevitable, no matter how nobody seems to want it. This is precisely the reason why you have to have a contact number of a tow service company that could be reached almost all the time just in case your car breaks down. This is to ensure that you know the company you are hiring even before the accident happens.



Hiring a Tow Service  

When you experience a minor car accident, before you take out your phone and start searching for “tow companies near me“, check out these points to ensure to get the most out of your tow services fee.


Sometimes, it is inevitable that when you are on the way to work, or going to a friend’s house, or even going on a long-ride vacation, accidents may happen anytime especially when you haven’t checked your car before travelling. If you are lucky and will not experience any fatal injuries, then good for you. However, your car isn’t going to run by itself especially when it has broken down the road, blocking others. There are tomes that when you experience minor accidents and your car crippled down like a deadweight, then you have to hire a professional tow service provider.

Most of the time, institutions such as the police or fire department are the ones who are going to dispatch the wrecked car in a scene of an accident. However, in events like breakdowns, engine trouble, one-car accidents, getting your car towed might be a big hassle. This is where professional towing companies butt in.

But you don’t just pick any random stranger company to pick your car. Here are a few things to remember in choosing the right towing company that suits you best:

  1. Do a background check of the Tow Company

Just like any service providers that helps you in a regular basis, being able to know more about the reputation on the towing company that you are about to choose is everything. For example, when you are in the part of the country that constantly receives heavy amount of rain or snowfall that makes driving a dangerous task, you have to research companies that specialize in towing cars on that given weather condition.

Check if the company accepts credit cards, ask how much towing costs and other basic things you need to know before hiring somebody. Once you’ve found a company you are complacent with, then that\s the time you call for help.

  1. Beware of Tow Trucks that just appear in the scenario

Just like what was stated above, you may have lesser choices that you think when choosing who to tow your car and whether it’s dispatched by a private company or the police department. However, when your vehicle is involved with breakdowns or slide-offs, don’t trust right away any random trucks that appears in the scene of the accident and offer you a hand in towing your car.

Companies with reputation will have to present their Department of Transportation ID number and other licenses and identifications that is required by the local government. These identifications ensure that the company is legitimate and really has the capacity to tow cars.

  1. Always think of what you sign

There are companies that require your signatures on contracts for towing your car. This serves as your contract of agreement whatever their company would do to your car, the payments you need to pay and other consensus that you and the company agree upon. However, you have to always check what’s written on the paper, whether it coincides with your verbal agreement, and whether you are good with all the agreement that you decide to deal with. With this, you aren’t only sure that your car is safe, but you are also insured that the amount of money you pay will go to the right people and do the right services.



Choosing the Best Tow Truck   

Choosing the right tow truck and the right towing company could get very tricky but here are some guidelines to maximize the bucks you pay on the trucks you hire.


When you have experienced a car wreck or any fender bender, you will not have the luxury to be knowledgeable on who will perform the towing services. That is, it’s on you or some other institutions like police or fire department. But more importantly, there are specific times that you have to privately hire a tow truck to tow your vehicle especially when you have experienced troubles, slide-offs or breakdowns. Before hiring any random towing services you see first, you have to remember some of these guidelines to maximize your money in the towing services you and your vehicle could get.

  1. Choose the right Truck

Before choosing the right truck, you have to choose some reputable towing company first. Ask around people within the area, search on the internet and find reviews about different car towing service providers. When you have already found one, make sure that the trucks that they will send are the right kind of trucks to pull your car out. Consider the size of your car, how heavy it is and any other related information about your vehicle and always disclose this to the company that you are going to hire.

  1. Take Pictures Before the Towing

If you have cell phones or digital camera that comes in handy, use it in taking pictures of your wrecked car. This is to ensure that no further damage has been done especially after the towing service has been provided. If there are other damages that isn’t acquired by your vehicle on the accident but on the towing process, you’ll have the right to complain and these pictures you take serve as evidence.

  1. Ask for breakdown of fees

You don’t want to end up broke when you do the towing service on your own. This is the reason why you have to always check and ask how much does the towing cost. This will not only make sure that you will really have the service that you deserve, but this will also send a message whether the services provided by the towing company is good or not. Moreover, you have to also know whether the company accepts credit card or cash alone.

  1. Pay When You Have to

There will be a contract of agreement that will be presented to you before the service will take place. This is very crucial because in here, you will know more about the details of the services, the amount that you are about to pay and the time when you will pay it. If the truck drivers ask for additional fees, make sure that it is documented. You don’t want your money to go elsewhere. This is why when you are not actually compelled to pay just yet, then don’t do it. Remember, you have to make most of the money that you are going to pay thus, you don’t have to randomly give it anytime. If there are receipts presented to you after the services, then this is the time that you should pay the service you have hired.